Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Steve Joe Harper

While kd lang has been critisizing Harper for not attending Montreal's Outgames, Steve-Joe says it's not true. The Neo Cons have decided not to make an announcement on AIDS/HIV, saying it's become 'too political an issue'.

If he were normal:
'The world has to learn that LGBT are not freaks, we're people just like anyone else. In fact, was a time we had a special place in indigenous society known as 'two-spirits' cuz we walk in both the physical and spiritual world. The asshole conquerors beat that out of most but it still exists and is being reclaimed more and more. We have to get away from the whole conqueror mentality too. It sucks, along with their wars for capitalistic gain. If we used the armed forces as the environmental forces think of all the money saved that could go into research for AIDS/HIV and bringing in alternatives to mainstream health. Like, 'power to the people' is so right on. Fuck this British Paliamentary set up, let's join with the Greens and augment democracy".

Harper and his press aides say SJH will be in attendance to appease the Bloc...he just wants to be incognito.

Wife Boreen is not happy about Steve's disguise, saying he's been wearing it around 24 Sussex, "Just a little too much. I can understand why he has to do something so horrible for the sake of the Nation, but this is not the Method School of Acting here and we're using up too much butter. No more 'Last Tango' after this and I'll never complain about missionsary position again!".

Have fun, Stevey-Joe, and remember which team you're batting for!

Check out Queerty as well as The Kalamalka Rainbow for Gay News/Opinion

This today from CBC, Gay and Lesbian Emergence: Out in Canada (I'm sure there's many innacurracies, but...).


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