Monday, August 21, 2006

If Only They Were Normal - #8 - Tony Blair

In his youth Tony Blair modelled himself after Mick Jagger and was in a rock band called 'The Ugly Rumours'. How he got from that to the Bush-Loving, war-supporting asshole he is....well, maybe he was an asshole then, it kinda sounds like it from Wiki's report.

If he were normal:

"I've traded in the Flying V for an old Martin and I'm gearing up for the Mid-East Jam session. The Boss's new CD of Pete Seger songs has inspired me to toss the Marshalls, go unplugged and get some Baez tab. I think 'Joe Hill' would be good for the line up. It would add an element of labour strife to war issues and how the common person just isn't getting anywhere. I gave Charles and Camilla a ring, they're into singing backup and Charlie wants to sit in circle and talk about sustainability. I'm putting forth a bill to the House to have my wages reduced to that of a hod carrier and have been hanging around Leister Square getting my chops up on Saturday night busking. The inequities, the class system, none of it makes sense. Oh, and we're telling the Orangemen to shove it and encouraging Ulster to just be Celtic. I'll take the cross off my neck as a symbolic gesture and toss it in the Thames when all our troops are withdrawn from everywhere. If people must have churches they can be on their own, no corporate religion, just simple fellowship with no ties. Bush and his chums can take a long walk off a short pier.'


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