Sunday, November 19, 2006

If Only They Were Normal #14 - Pope Benedict

Joseph Alois Ratzinger, ‘The Traditionalist’ is one amongst the fray of religious and political leaders SO NOT HELPING THE WORLD! In religion’s power struggles and alliances there seems more will for the gravy train and globe trotting for ‘The Institution’ , rather then acting as humble men of the cloth intent on seeing their flock remain just that….a flock, not a gargantuan herd of homogenous bible humpers. If The Pope were normal:

“Honey, the face may be kaput but check the gamms! Politics, who wants anything to do with that when I’ve got lots of MONKeying around to do? I’m going to tell you a little secret, at Christmas Mass I’m announcing my white dress will be traded in perma for this chichi Carman Miranda number! Oh I know, we’re coming out, step aside world and gay marriage whoo hoo…all you alter falters look out!

I was telling my Cardinals, you know, those queens in the flaming red (aren’t they adorable?), I’ll have the world leaders kiss my cock ring , the one on my finger is just too tacky, really. My, my, my, can’t wait for Georgie to visit the Vatican!.

OH, and while you’re saying your Hail Mary’s? Make sure it’s to Mary Tyler Moore. Ciao for now, babies!”


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